My Fantasy Party Closet: Gift Wrap Edition

One of my favourite forms of background noise is Modern Family, which I’ve been binge-watching on shomi over the past few weeks.  In a particularly hilarious episode, Mitch and Cam were chided for storing all their tools in a pillowcase, while simultaneously dedicating an entire closet to gift wrap and party supplies. If you stopped by last night for Hanukkah, you’ve already seen a few items I would stash in my ultimate party closet, but with Christmas on the horizon, I thought I would expand with some killer gift wrap picks as well.

Graphic Prints
Graphic prints are everywhere right now and I’m definitely not complaining. For starters, they look equally fabulous on their own as they do in the mix, which provides the perfect opportunity to spice up your holiday gift pile with some contrast and dimension.

I’m especially partial to wrapping paper in neutral tones due their infinite shelf-life, whereas “Christmas-y” alternatives in green and red can be difficult to re-use after December. This mix and match combo by Pei Design ($12) hits the nail right on the head, with a delicious inky ribbon to tie it all together.

With bold, juicy lines, the Swiss cross is unquestionably one of my favourite patterns this year. As Olivia Pope has taught us, everything looks better in black and white; needless to say, I went a little nuts over this plus signs wrap by Fig. 2 Designs ($12).

The black and white grid paper by thepaperkit ($9) is unfussy sophistication at its finest. This would definitely be a staple in my fantasy Occasions Closet.

I’ve been a fan of black and white stripes for years, but the added gold lines in this Paper Source edition ($29.95) elevates contemporary chic to the next level.
This gold foil dotted gift wrap from Paper Source ($7.95) is so glamorous that it’s hard to believe it was printed on 100% recycled, 30% post-consumer waste paper. While it would certainly look darling on its own, I would be tempted to swap in the black, white and gold striped paper above for a truly stylish gift pile.


I’ve been obsessed with marbleized paper since I first spotted ferm’s breathtaking marble wallpaper a few months ago. Another goodie from Paper Source, this gorgeous gift wrap will set you back $8 for the purple edition and $6 for the white and gold, adding instant glam to even the most basic Occasion Closet.

If you can’t tell already, I’m a major sucker for anything black and white. Combining this classic, tried-and-true colour palette with trendy marble makes this paper from thepaperkit ($9) a solid choice for discerning holiday gift-givers.


I’m such a fan of illustrator Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. that I actually went out and bought a cell phone case featuring one of her designs. Naturally, I’m just as smitten with her extensive gift wrap collection, particularly the whimsical City Toile print ($8.50) and vibrant Emerald Peonies (also $8.50). Midnight Floral ($8.50) is arguably the most “Chrismast-y” of the bunch, especially when paired with a bright red bow – I can easily imagine Lauren Conrad using this particular combo to wrap over-sized mason jars filled with organic homemade apple crumble or something.

Animal illustrations can sometimes come off as childish, but the jet black background and creamy bow give this gorgeous wrap by clapclapdesign ($9) a sophisticated makeover that even adults will love.

Wishing you a happy holiday season! Check back soon for even more ideas and inspiration!

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