Happy Hanukkah!

It’s now past sundown, which mean Hanukkah has officially begun in my timezone. Here are a few of my favourite finds for a style-savvy Festival of Lights:

This silver-plated brass menorah from Ricci Silversmiths is available at Barneys for a steep $650. It definitely isn’t in my budget this holiday season, but is breathtaking nonetheless.

Ombre hand-dipped tapers from Target ($12) add a contemporary touch to even the most ancient of celebrations.

For better or worse, no Hanukkah celebration is complete without gelt. These organic, Fair-Trade chocolate coins from Mama Ganache ($8.50) leave their waxy, tasteless counterparts in the dust. Bonus: the dark chocolate edition is 100% vegan!

Hanukkah is a way bigger deal stateside due to its proximity to Christmas and the desire of North American Jews to have something of their own to celebrate come December. In Israel – where I lived for a couple years – it’s a much smaller holiday that’s more about doughnuts (or “sufganiyot”) than anything else.

These DIY doughnut hole pops from Tammy Mitchell Designs would translate beautifully into a Hanukkah-themed dessert spread – just swap out the red Christmas-y ribbon for blue, gold or silver and you’re good to go!

Luc & Lilah Events had the charming idea of adding a circular “snow ball” tags, the perfect place to alternatively scrawl a Hanukkah greeting like “Chag sameach!” (Hebrew for “Joyous festival”).

This “dreidel-tooth” bow-tie by Geltfiend ($39) is equal parts dapper and festive.

If you’re planning to exchange eight nights of gifts, you’ll a solid supply of wrapping paper to carry you through. Being a major fan of whimsical illustrations, I went a little nuts over this potato latkes gift wrap from Paper Source ($5.95).

Get little ones in the holiday spirit with Hanukkah fun wrap from LolliLink ($10). I would have been all over this as a kid.

This beautiful card by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. ($4.50) struck a particularly sentimental chord with me because I grew up in an interfaith household where both Christmas and Hanukkah were celebrated (and still are, as a matter of fact!) The menorah adorned in coniferous foliage makes for a convincing Hanukkah bush or Christmukkah tree, but more importantly merges imagery from two traditions into one joyful illustration.

Chag sameach!


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