Chinoiserie Chic: Affordable Alternatives to Gracie and de Gournay Wallpapers

An iconic statement of interior indulgence, hand painted chinoiserie wallpapers by American company Gracie and its British counterpart de Gournay are the cream of the crop. Aerin Lauder notably has Gracie wallpaper adorning the dressing room of her New York City apartment, while Tory Burch similarly selected Gracie for the entryway of her 9,000 square foot pad at the Pierre Hotel.

(Designed by Jacques Grange)

Gracie and de Gournay are also favoured by famed interior designers Mary McDonald and Miles Redd, both of whom coincidently now have their own chinoiserie wallpaper collections with Schumacher (but more on that in a minute). Gracie and de Gournay wallpapers can typically be found in traditional-style manses around the world, along with clusters of ginger jars and antique Staffordshire dogs, and (if the dwellers are really stylish), some form of leopard print.

(Designed by Ashley Whittaker, photographed by Erik Piaseki)

(Designed by Sarah Delaney)

(Designed by Mona Ross Berman, photographed by Courtney Apple)

(Designed by Mona Ross Berman, photography by Courtney Apple)

(Designed by Mary McDonald, photographed by Dominique Vorillon for House Beautiful)

(Photographed by Patrick Cline for Lonny)

(Designed by Miles Redd)

(Designed by Parish Hadley)

(Designed by Bailey McCarthy)

(Designed by Miles Redd)

(Designed by Miles Redd)

(“Abbortsford” by de Gournay; source unknown)

(de Gournay, source unknown)

Although I’ve been unable to track down any actual figures, according to numerous blogs, a Gracie or de Gourney splurge will set you back around $1000 a panel (and it takes fifteen panels on average to cover a room. Do the math). This is typically not a design decision you make on a whim, but rather fantasize about for several years until you can afford your dream house.

(de Gournay)

Fortunately, there are an increasing number of options to tide us over, so we can channel Gracie and de Gourney in our apartments, rentals and starter homes.  My favourite alternative right now is the remarkably convincing removable chinoiserie wallpapers by Tempaper, priced at just $15 per square foot. These self-adhesive beauties come in numerous colours, including cream and a silvery metallic.


Let’s not forget the aforementioned Miles Redd and Mary McDonald, both of whom partnered with Schumacher to offer a whole bevy of chinoiserie-inspired designs.

(Miles Redd for Schumacher)

(Mary McDonald for Schumacher)

If you’re hellbent on owning original Gracie and de Gournay but are renting or otherwise awaiting your “forever home”, you can still commission a couple panels and frame them on the wall, like so:

(Source unknown)

This would work equally well with Mary McDonald and Miles Redd wallpaper, for a fraction of the price of covering the entire room.

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